Movie – Straight Outta Compton


I finally saw Straight Outta Compton!

Personally I loved the movie, whether all stories were true or not. The movie was made very well and I really can not say a distasteful thing about it. In fact, Ice Cube’s son was amazing and looked more like his father than his father does.

I did notice that I have this hate for Suge Knight… or how he was portrayed in the movie. He seemed like a horrible person, the most horrible person in the world. I really think this man is going to hell. I’m not even sure how he’s alive and kicking now. He’s just a horrible person, still at 50 years old he’s running people over in his car and going to jail (google it).

If you’ve heard of this movie, you’ve also heard of Dr. Dre abusing women and then recently apologizing. Hmm… In the movie I would say that Dr. Dre definitely has some anger issues or at least he did when he was younger. Hey, it seems like there are a lot of hot-headed young people who tend to chill out as they get older and wiser. I can’t say I like Dre but I respect his talent. I don’t respect his way of handling personal matters and I don’t buy his apology. He should have apologized years ago privately. A lot of people have said that this movie shouldn’t be about Dre and the women however it’s all tied together in history, to me. I bet those women will never forget and I bet their lives were affected by it.

Leaving the most interesting character as my last, I loved the portrayal of Eazy E. Sure, he was portrayed as having sex with every woman, coughing through the entire last half of the movie and letting the “white man” ruin the group.. but it was such a great portrayal.  I really think he and his manager cared about one another, that is until the manager was stealing all of his money. Oh well. There’s also a lot of accusations that his death was a conspiracy and I’m not far from believing it too (clip).

All in all, the movie was great and this is the 100th time that I will say that I wish I was a teenager in the 90s instead of being a gerber. I would have loved to witness Hip Hop and the Internet history in the making. #IwouldbuystockinAmazon

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